Everything you need to know about Photo booth rental Chicago

Chicago Photo BoothYou’re party is just around the corner and you want to find a creative way for guests to have their own photos taken. You recently did a search on “Photo booth rental Chicago” and have found a place that has some of the best photo booths you’ve ever seen. The photo booths we see today are not like the ones we had ten years ago. In fact, they are more advanced with options, props, and so on. Here is everything you need to know about renting a photo booth and what it offers:

A photo booth picture is always customizable

Some photo booths allow you to key in your name and it will be written on your picture. You won’t find a lot of photo booths that can do this, but when you do – be sure to inquire about the booth. They are usually taken by other people because these are so popular.

The ability to add a background

If your guests could add their own background, they would be excited about taking a photo together. Perhaps your guests plan on blowing up the photo and adding it to their own frame. Most photos are small but with a background, your guest will want to show the beautiful details of the background. There are wedding, Halloween, Christmas, and even birthday backgrounds available.

Photo booths are not the same size

You will find very small photo booths or ones that are incredibly large, with the ability to fit up to four people. Most of the mini booths can fit only one or two people so be sure to inquire about the size. You’ll also need to take measurements before adding a photo booth to your event. If you plan on putting it in the corner, take the measurements from the back to the side of the photo booth. If it doesn’t show the size on the website, you can call the booth rental company to ask.


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